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Dog Walking Services in Lostock Hall

Busy, working, elderly? Why not let Enchanted Furry Tales walk your dog/dogs for you? I can provide a walking service to meet your dog/dogs individual needs, walks are varied to keep it interesting and exciting for your dog/dogs.

Prior to the first walk as part of the service, I offer a full Walking consultation to talk through the requirements of your dog/dogs and any preferred walks you may have.

The walks start when the walk begins and does not include travel time so your dog/dogs get a full hour walk.

Walks include Cuerden Valley, Worden Park, The Old Tram Road, St Catherines Park and Avenham Park.

Group walks are perfect for confident & friendly dogs providing play and interaction with other friendly well socialised dogs.

If your dog is not confident with other dogs, an individual walk would be the best option.


Condition Price
1 hour group walk £10.00
Additional dog from same household £5.00
1 hour individual walk £15.00
Additional dog from same household £7.50

Benefits to your Pet

  1. Helps keep your pet healthy, agile, and nimble.
  2. An overweight pet is not a healthy pet. In addition to regulating its diet, to keep your pet in tip-top shape, you should be doing your best to provide regular exercise as well.
  3. Regular walks can be extremely beneficial to your pet’s digestive system, and they can aid in relieving constipation.
  4. Regular walks, as well as other forms of exercise, can help reduce or eliminate any of your pet’s destructive chewing, digging, or scratching.
  5. Walks can help to alleviate extra energy your pet may have, calming it down and reducing any hyperactivity, excitability, and even night time activity. A walk can help your pet to feel more relaxed and sleepy rather than restless at bedtime.
  6. Behaviours such as knocking over furniture or jumping on people can be a sign of pent up energy. Regular walks will help curb this.
  7. If you have a timid or fearful pet, regular walks can help your pet to build confidence and trust. You will likely be exposing your pet to other humans and animals alike, and with you there for comfort your pet can learn to be comfortable around them.